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Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Concept Bus

For a few months I've been wondering a solution to overcome overcrowding of buses. I've been thinking and I've come to a conclusion that buses with no seats except for the driver can allow many people to board inside the bus. Normally, around 40 people can be seated inside a bus. 10 people can freely stand in the bus, so totally there are 50 people who can stay freely inside the bus. Usually, there will be around 70 people staying inside the bus. Many people stay on the foot board to get some fresh air; few stay outside to pretend they're brave. They aren't aware of the risks they're in. almost 5 to 6 people stay on the footboard each. According to my calculation, is there were no seats then, area which covers the seat can be occupied by 3 people. I saw a documentary about India, it said that if an electric train can hold around 5000 passengers, Indian trains usually carries 15000 passengers, it's 3 times the original.. Let me come to the buses, my guess would be 70 people can stay freely inside the bus. According to me, there're two disadvantages regarding this idea. One is it's difficult for old people to travel in these kinds of buses. Another is ordinary people can't stand for long time travelling. Let me get these straight, if 3 buses goes from destination A to C. Let 2 buses without seats goes from A to C without travelling through B and the third bus with seats shall carry old people which passes through B. Many people don't want to waste the time, so they usually prefer the first two buses. Old people usually prefer to go comfortably, so they choose the third bus. It's not necessary that only old people must only travel in the third bus, it's their own wish. I'm sorry if i meant anything wrong.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Three Murderers

Dagger, a rich person lived in a Island Pinto. It’s a beautiful Island with many houses, helpful people, pure and pleasant air. Dagger had two friends Simon, Robert and also had two servants Sam, Peter. Of the four people except Sam, they didn’t like Dagger’s wealth and always wanted to loot them. They indulged in many activities to cause malicious things. Their first step to kill dagger was to mix up hemlock and juice, in this attempt they made a grape juice and added crushed essence of hemlock, after preparing the mixture they left it open for a long time. they went busy with their other works, few minutes on leaving the room, a robber entered his house and tried to loot. A monkey that came along with him saw a juice to be attractive so it ran and drank it. Few minutes later, the monkey suffocated in breathing and collapsed on the spot, worried thief left the house and took nothing with him expect the corpse and this way the first plan of killing dagger failed. Their second step was to push dagger from the top of the mountain, unfortunately when they tried to view a location to cause causality, Robert slipped on the mountain and died. Two months passed and the remaining two has their usual life. Everyday their ambitions got increased. On one day they decided to shoot dagger. While they were talking about the plan, Sam went to serve tea to them. Fortunately Sam heard this. Sam pretended as if he did not hear this. The news that he got from them gave him a shock. Sam even in his dream did not even think of doing any harm to Dagger. Sam tried to warn dagger about his danger. Unfortunately, he was unable to say to him as one of the two always accompanied him. On the day when they planned to do this, Peter stood near Dagger and about 75 yards away from them Simon was standing with a sniper, as he was prepared to shoot, Sam interrupted to tell Dagger his danger. Unknowingly Peter fired a shot and Sam was injured, bullet pierced through his heart, in his last minutes he tried and managed to say “peeett… ” and passed away. Dagger cried a lot for missing such a friend. Later, he figured out he was in trouble and somebody was trying to kill him. Dagger took a revenge to punish the person who killed Sam. Dagger ordered Peter to find out who shot Sam. Few days passed by, Dagger asked Peter whether he had found the murderer. Hhe got answer as “No”. Dagger realized that Peter was not fit to solve problems like these. So, dagger went to Hankinson, a detective and told him incidents that had taken. Hankinson figured out there was only one murderer who indulged in this crime. He went around the area where the incident had taken place. He noticed a tablet cover which was the first step to find the murderer. Hanks went to visit Dagger to find tell what he had found, he noticed Peter moving towards the door away from him quickly. He managed to stop Peter and asked him whether he knows anything about the murder. His eyes moved towards top left, his hands were cold as Antarctica, and his body sweated a little. While he was asking questions, Hanks asked did he murder Sam, Peter told Yes and then No, then hanks asked did he know who the murder was, for which he again replied No. At night, Hanks seduced Peter by giving him few bottles of Wine. He again asked few questions, Peter uttered he was indulged in the crime and he hadn’t killed Sam. Hanks could not get answer for the other people who indulged in this crime. He went to few of Dagger’s friends to ask few questions. He went to Simon, he noticed a tablet cover on the table which he had seen earlier. He figured out there were two people indulged in crime. Hanks went to Dagger and told the names of the murderers, To Dagger this was like jumping from Mt. Everest to ground, he couldn’t believe it. Later he realized that on the dying moments of Sam, he tried to say “Peter”. Simon was caught and so was Peter. Dagger told them they were trustworthy and he trusted in them a lot. He was embarrassed. Dagger could not tolerate with people who betrayed him. Simon and Peter were taken to prison and were sentenced to be in prison thought their lifetime. Dagger thanked Hanks for helping him out and he helped him to expand his detective service.

Friday, June 18, 2010

An Encounter with a Tiger

Loin is a school located exactly in middle of a village. In Loin there were many students. The Students, Teachers and the Principle arranged a tour to a nearby forest named Maverngle. They scheduled to move out on first week of August. On Thursday evening at 16:10 they started their trip and they reached the forest by 17:00. They booked a Guest house in the hilly area and reached there. They ate cookies, chips etc. Around 19:00 they finished their supper. Everybody played salsa, enjoyed that night. They had no plans of entering the hotel as the outside environment attracted them, the bonfire, the song of birds. They slept at 22:00 in the area surrounded by trees. Few decided to move deep into the forest around 00:00, they kept their alarm and went to sleep. A tiger came nearby and roared at the students exactly around 02:35. When they woke they saw three tigers. Few students began to shout and scream. The herd of tigers ran into the trees. A few moments later, a group of five tigers came near them and everybody was scared, the students had no idea where the tigers are up to. One student screamed that the herd is going to eat them, another student exclaimed that all students might be in their colony, they mean no harm if studeents move away then they wouldn’t frighten, none believed his words. Robert Scalar was one of the students who came to the trip. One the student screamed “please leave!!!!!!”, few others shouted and threw the stones on the tigers. The funny thing here is two students were in deep sleep, they were just few inches away from the tiger, fortunately the tigers didn’t notice them. Robert said his mates to distract the herd for couple of minutes.

Robert kept his camera on in a tree, and took few pieces of the bird’s meat. He made a trap with his and his friends cloth. Later he thought that if he had made a tent with clothes then the herd would cut the clothes. So he took his big and strong rope which he planned to use for trekking and tied it to the tree. He kept few pieces of meat and few in the rope . Robert drew the tigers attention on him and gave few pieces of the bird to the tigers and the tigers legs were caught on the rope, one was lucky to run away. Till the morning, everyone were staring at the tigers, then few men from the animal society took the tigers and moved them to a safety place. Everybody appreciated Robert for his bravery and intelligence. Robert told that he couldn’t have made it without his friends. Then they spent the next five days in the forest and reached their home. He told his mates who have not attended the tour, to prove it, he showed the recordings in his camera. Many fainted on seeing as they did not believe their own eyes and his colleague had an encounter with the herd of tigers.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Animals of the Forest

Once there lived three thick friends in a forest named coyot, as the name says, it is a forest which has major population of coyotes. Chou is an elephant, Robert is a tiger and Hadow is a monkey. They lived together in a tree house constructed by the them. Hadow collects the fruits and plants, Chou collects and stores logs of wood and also helps in contructing houses, and Robert protects the other animals from the coyotes. It is a very big tree house as it fits around twenty-five animals. Excluding these animals there lived few other animals in the forest. The total population of the forest is one hundred and fifty animals and few uncountable insects. This forest has a democratic form of government. Once in two years, there would be election to choose the emperor and the day is nearing, there were two candidates. The bear and the lion were the two candidates. The bear can be described guilty, arrogant, and eccentric; He finds the faults with every higher official and turns a good thing to bad. He chose a wrong path and had very bad company, he is famous for cheating and scaring, he hasn’t killed anyone and never tried one. On the other side is the good Lion, who is known for his bravery, honesty, intelligence. He always cares for his fellow mates, but his fellow mates were deceptive. It is usual that any good one surrounded by dozens of bad company would turn the good to bad and the same thing happened to the Lion. All the residents of the forest decided to vote for the lion as he would serve coyot forest in a good manner . But the poor presidents did not knew that the lion was made bad by his colleagues. Robert, Hadow and Chou who passed by the lake side noted the lion deforesting and chasing away the small lizards, they found that he was turned bad. The three friends were popular among the forest and they decided to tell the animals of coyot the truth about the present lion. Robert told Chou and Hadow that if they told the residents about the lion, they wouldn’t believe in them, due to the trustiness that they have in the Lion and they also feared that they would be unwelcomed to the Forest. There were only three days to go for the election. The three had no time. At the first day their first step was to enter the house of the lion’s friend Ray. When they were passing Ray’s house they saw ray’s child playing in the ground. They taught of kidnapping ray’s child, they came to the point and they were fifty feet away from the child but they felt pity, and they couldn’t do it, separating a parent from their child is bitter, they remembered their childhood days which was unforgettable, they’ve undergone so much pain in their childhood. Gad is a very dangerous cheetah disguised as a maid and went to serve dinner to child, everyone felt sleepy, this was the chance for Gad to kidnap the child and he did it. Gad can run approximately 70 mph. Gad is the king of the Santa forest. The lion heard the news and was able to do nothing; he had no idea who would have captured the child, the search for the child continued on one side. Hadow disguised as maid and chow disguised as an architect. Hadow told the everyday incidents that had taken place in the Santa forest to Robert and he gave ideas. Chou and Hadow pretended to work for Gad so faithful which made Gad trusted them too much and he went to an extinct that Gad would do anything for Chou and Hadow. Using this chance Hadow and Chou decided to ask Gad to release Ray’s child. Gad first felt not to release the child but later released that child. Ray’s face lit up with happiness when he got his child. From this incident he learnt a lesson which made him a good resident. And The Lion came to know the news that Ray’s child was found. The lion was happy on one side that the child was saved and he felt bad on the other side that he was unable to save the child. Days passed by and today it was the day of election and he took a oath to rule Coyot in a good and a proper manner and will help in developing the forest. The Lion got 135votes out of 150 and won the President post and this made the Bear angry. Thus The Lion who became the President thanked Robert, Hadow and Chou for making him good. Chou asked the lion to be friendly with Gad and Hadow asked Gad to be friendly with The Lion. In the beginning it was only 3 ,but in the end it was 5. The Bear was sent to prison as he tried to stab The Lion at the altar. Thus both the forest lived in harmony and happiness.